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The Sharivari restaurant is an incomparable sensory experience, a journey into the flavours of Roman quality. It’s refinement, flair, delicacy, aesthetics.

Our menus contain a selection of delicious and refined dishes, cooked with high quality raw materials, chosen with care and passion, all of Italian origin.

An intimate and safe environment that allows you to immerse yourself in unique atmospheres.

Come and discover our Halls.


The Sharivari restaurant is located in the heart of Rome, close to the wonders of Ancient History, in the most beautiful and romantic area of the Capital.

Sharivari is the ideal place to spend your Roman evening.  The combination of delicious dishes, tasty cocktails and an original location create a perfect atmosphere for unforgettable evenings.

Fascinating games of light and excellent live music blend to create a unique and evocative location, characterized by artistic suggestions that will stimulate your senses. The spacious and beautiful rooms allow you to have fun and be together, all in compliance with the rules of distance and safety.

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Sharivari Restaurant

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